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Buy Old Car Almost everyone wants to ride on new car. However, everyone have not the ability to buy new car. For them, my suggestion is to buy old car. The old car price is depending on the condition and sometimes it also depends on the negotiations. You can search on internet to find old car at your price range. Sites like can give you perfect result. You can know the condition of the car from as well. Some classified ad sites provide free ad of old cars and you can search on them as well and contact with the sellers to know details and negotiations. From those sites, you can get the address of the seller and can judge your car before buying that. Before buying the car check it by driving and check and double check engine sound, suspension and exhaust emission. If the sound of the engine is not OK and exhaust gas contain black products then it will be wiser decision to stop buying that car.


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Posted on: 2014-09-21 13:28:14


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